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Companies do have different objectives when engaging our services and require unique and individual solutions. In many of our advisory roles, we assist companies to improve their financial performance, and typically cover one or more of the following objectives:

  • Increase the company's financial valuation by reducing its earnings exposure to volatile commodity prices.
  • Improve the quality of revenue streams by securing steadier cash flows to help lower the cost of financing.
  • Expand the range of marketing structures that a company makes available to its customers in order to increase sales volumes and secure greater market share without exposing the company to negative price movements.
  • Coordinate and reduce the cost of financing by linking debt with underlying commodity prices.
  • Optimize the organization's commodity value chain by implementing an enterprise risk management program that improves operating margins, reduces VAR, and lowers balance sheet usage.

Benefiting from a price risk management program is a continuous and evolutionary process - achieving gains in performance can be incremental in nature, and time dependent. Not only can this process be time intensive, but also be additive in nature to the core activities of the firm's management and staff, hence the benefits of using the experience of an external advisor to assist in management of the program.

WCI works with clients to execute the appropriate program that supports the particular strategy that has been agreed upon. This ensures that companies fully understand the goals and strive to reach best operational practices with these activities.